About Us


The mission of the LIJ Medical Staff Society is to foster and promote the welfare of its members by supporting medical education and research so as to maintain the highest scientific and educational standards in order then to provide the best level of care to our patients and the community at large.


The Medical Staff Society, also referred to as the Organized Medical Staff, is comprised of over 5,000 physicians, dentists and podiatrists affiliated with Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital, Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital and Zucker Hillside Hospital. The Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center Medical Staff Society is organized to represent the interests of its members. All community and hospital based physicians are required by the Medical Center By-Laws to be members of the LIJ Medical Staff Society.


1. To foster and promote the welfare of all members.
2. To advocate, provide and support medical education to maintain the highest scientific and educational standards among its medical/dental staff.
3. To maintain the highest professional standards among its members.
4. To provide representation to the Medical Board and various Committees.
5. To act as a spokesperson for the interests of the active medical/dental staff members, both voluntary and employed.
6. To act as liaison and foster communication between members and the hospital administration.
7. To promote social and professional fellowship among the Medical Staff Society members.
8. To provide information and guidance regarding the present economic and political changes in regard to the health professions.


Regular meetings of the LIJ Medical Staff Society take place twice a month. Medical staff affairs meet on the second Friday of every month and serve as the line of communication between our members and hospital administration. The Advisory Board Meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month to conduct the practical business of the LIJ Medical Staff Society.

The Advisory Board consists consists of:

  1. Five elected Officers: President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President.
  2. Local chapter Presidents
  3. Three at-large members of Medical Board
  4. Two additional Past Presidents
  5. Ten members at-large

The meetings are open to all members and participation is highly encouraged. New business and opinions are welcome. The LIJ Medical Staff Society supports educational programs such as research grants, honorariums and lectureships. In order for the Medical Staff Society to contribute and provide for these programs, all Members must conform to the society’s mission. All requests should be made in a timely manner. On occasion, the Medical Staff Society invites guest speakers to keep the membership abreast of social and political issues that impact the medical profession.

In addition, an Annual Meeting is held in May to highlight the year’s accomplishments. A Winter Gala is also held in February to celebrate all members.