President’s Letter March 27 2020

Dear Colleague,

New York State is currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the number of cases increase, our work load gets heavier and we need all hands on deck. The majority of our patient care units are caring for COVID-19 patients. In this hard time, we count on each other to lend a helping hand.  LIJ is in need of primarily  medical doctors who are willing to serve as in-house helpers, either on their own or paired with a hospitalist.  If you are able to help please email Lauren Roth at [email protected]

Many of the medical practices received test kits from the Core Lab at the beginning of this pandemic. Since many of the practices are operating via telehealth, the LIJ Medical Staff Society is asking for donations of the unused kits.  If you wish to participate in this initiative please contact Brian O’Neil via email: [email protected] or call his office and leave a message at (516) 321-8100. They will arrange for pick up or drop off of nasal swabs and whatever else could be used.

Lastly, I would like to highlight several operational changes announced by LIJ’s Executive Director Michael Goldberg which directly impact your delivery of care:

The Zuckerberg lobby was converted into a COVID-19 screening area.The Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center team has provided outstanding support with three patient units for adult use and pediatric physicians and nurses are working side by side with our adult team.The Fitness Center is now accessible to staff for changing, showering and locker room use.Physician Partners is offering all employees free access to a special series of The Clinician Experience Project, called Supporting Our Care Teams and Patients Through COVID-19. Please access the video series here.Fit testing is being conducted in the Teaching Centers for a new brand of N95 respirator masks.  Please visit and get a new mask fitted.

LIJ has continued to care for our community due to your tireless efforts and hard work.  Thank you so much for all that you are doing day in and day out.

Sincerely,Carmen J. Rodriguez, MD, FACOG

President, LIJ Medical Staff Society